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Of such simple stuff is excellent screwball comedy made.

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He takes the butler’s job as part of his own self-rehabilitation -- part therapy and part penance, and he applies himself with diligence to his job. We might remark that the rich people in this movie are child-like and foolish, and irresponsible and we may wonder if the audiences of the 1930s were disgusted or ridiculing of the upper class because of it. On the other hand, we have their neighbors in the lower class section of town, the Sycamore family of “You Can’t Take It With You” in their own self-imposed fantasy world of foolishness.

Miss Patrick’s steel butterfly persona melts under the realization that Powell is their savior.

Gratitude, contrition, and humility wash over her, and that is what really saves her as a human being.

But it is Gail Patrick’s character I find more interesting.

For all her meanness, the spark of attraction she feels for Powell is intriguing.

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