The office online dating episodes

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Maya and Jimmy get pulled into a school fundraiser where Maya makes a new friend and Jimmy discovers the benefits of being tall.

Ray, tired of being the responsible sibling, explores his reckless side with JJ and Dylan; and Kenneth tries to win over a crowd with his DJ skills.

However, to do so, he must first pull off the second greatest freshman prank in the schools history.

And Burgess moves the case forward with a series of confidential tips, but risks putting her informant in harms way.

When the book unexpectedly does exceedingly well, Greg buys a new car without consulting Katie.

A night at an amusement park takes a deadly turn when a rollercoaster malfunction leaves lives hanging in the balance.

Now that Axl has a real job, he begins to bond more with Mike and spends a lot of time with him leaving Frankie frozen out of their interactions; and just as Sue is about to break up with Aidan, Brad pleads with her to wait a beat until after he has a chance to win the affection of Aidens handsome friend, Luke.

As the newest substitute teacher at La Salle High School, Kevin tries to help an introverted student named Adam become more self-assured and popular.

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