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The written account Tapper was asked to provide to a student serving as a school response coordinator was given to the alleged perpetrator, she said, eroding her belief in the process, and she did not pursue it further.Within USMMA’s culture, alerting outside law enforcement was frowned upon, she said.A current student, who requested that she not be identified because of potential repercussions at the academy and on her career, described the Sea Year as leaving an indelible scar.The program sends students, during portions of their sophomore and junior years, to train on federal and/or commercial ships at sea and in ports around the world.Unfilled public safety and victim advocate positions, assault prevention training that “failed to meet the expectations” of women on campus, and unlocked doors during required nighttime bunk checks are among the other problems detailed in U. Department of Transportation reports dating to the 2008-09 school year, student surveys and other federal documents.“There is just such a lack of respect for women there,” said Chelsea Tapper, 24, a 2014 graduate who is a third mate for a crude-oil tanker company and decided to speak out about her experiences.In the 2013-14 school year, between six and nine women were assaulted during the Sea Year or the summer training program, according to that year’s reports.

“Sea Year is problematic because the academy has no jurisdiction over shipping company employees, so the academy depends upon the individual shipping companies to enforce their own policies and procedures while midshipmen are embarked on their vessels,” officials wrote.“Once we stepped through those gates we were no longer human.We were just objects for them to conquer.” How institutions of higher education, both military and civilian, respond to and resolve claims of sexual assault and harassment has become a defining issue in recent years.“People change over Sea Year and all your values just disappear.You go out to sea and you think all of these things are acceptable.

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