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Aurey is a gamer and You Tuber who mainly does Minecraft series and mostly plays on multi-player servers and stuff with the other Minecraft dudes, she also plays other random games that sparks her interest of which she made a Twitch channel for her to stream those gaming related stuff, she also frequently post vlogs and updates on her You Tube channel. I specialize in doing commentary for underrated, mostly late 90s to early 2000s JRPGs, survival horror, and RPG Maker games, but I'll do anything I enjoy playing.

Her most well known Minecraft series is her Forgecraft with Dire Wolf/Pahimar, and the multi-player puzzle maps with Captain Sparklez, she also frequently appear in The Building Game, a type of map made by Sethbling. My style is a combination of informative analysis and comedic riffs. She mostly posts Horror and Indie games walk-throughs and let's plays.

She's been described as having a "soothing, slightly monotone" voice and (in her words) "fast recovery to horror." She also runs a few series, including A Couple Let's Plays (gaming with her boyfriend 0Dark Iron), Glasgow and co.

Plays (highlights with her friends), and Climbing Mt.

Feel free to add your own You Tube channel or other ladies' channels you enjoy below.

shut up lydia is a new Australian let's player, after quitting the beauty/lifestyle community to follow her passion.

She hopes to meet fellow games enthusiasts on You Tube! Currently she is in Grad school so her upload schedule is erratic right now but she does post updates when she can.

Gabbi and Chi ARE BACK for ANOTHER Halo Reach let's play that NEVER seems to end. Currently she is playing through Dead Space 3, FF13LR, Mass Effect 3, The black mirror 2, and fallout 4.

She streams art and games not covered on her channel weekly on Twitch.Aphmau, also know as Jess, is a youtuber that does roleplays and different activity's on Minecraft.She has grown throughout these years on youtube with Sky Does Minecraft, House_Owner, That Guy Barney, and a lot more.I have a very personal relationship with my video games and my commentary is based on sincerity. She also does a series called "A Night Playing" which is single video post of tons of different video games.Sara also posts monthly Loot Crate unboxing videos. She is also a talented Voice Actress for Indie video games, animations, machinimas, and much more!

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