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I’ve been working so hard to get him the gigs he’s been wanting and he keeps flaking or showing up late.

My tired soles are exhausted from wearing these six inch heels all day.

It’s ok though because my new lover gets me so wet.

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His first task was to remove my high heels because my long slinky toes deserve to be flaunted in this sexy red polish.

The lab technicians mount a series of sexual recreations to test their theories on the sperm trajectories.

Never before has so much sex, blowjobs and monumental ejaculations been performed in the name of Crime Scene Investigation Read the rest of this entry ...

After yoga, I treated myself to a naked masturbation sesh and again noticed my neighbor watching thru my window.

I came so good knowing he was watching that I needed to take a bath but figured why not to invite him in for some toe sucking fun. Alexis Fawx - Friends With Benefits One of my best guy friends was over today when we started talking about relationships.

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