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Plush camping tents have raised wooden floors, cozy bedding, and even private bathrooms with showers and baths.Choose from a standard camping tent, a deluxe tent with a tipi, a log cabin, or a tree house – there is a retreat for every taste.The Indian Creek area contains spectacular rock art, including hundreds of petroglyphs at Newspaper Rock.Visitors to Bears Ears can also discover more recent rock art left by the Ute, Navajo, and Paiute peoples.Other, distinct cultures have thrived here as well -- the Fremont People, Numic- and Athabaskan-speaking hunter-gatherers, and Utes and Navajos.Resources such as the Doll House Ruin in Dark Canyon Wilderness Area and the Moon House Ruin on Cedar Mesa allow visitors to marvel at artistry and architecture that have withstood thousands of seasons in this harsh climate.

Located in Estes Park at the entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park, the chateau rests at the top of the wooded acreage and boasts stunning views over the valley.Their recommendations will ensure management decisions reflect tribal expertise and traditional and historical knowledge.Clovis people hunted among the cliffs and canyons of Cedar Mesa as early as 13,000 years ago, leaving behind tools and projectile points in places like the Lime Ridge Clovis Site, one of the oldest known archaeological sites in Utah.Though accommodations are in the form of tents, they offer a level of comfort that will astound you.Guests can truly experience and enjoy the wild without having to give up the satisfying comforts of home.

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