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To the south of River Haliacmon, in the “land of Macedon”, as described by Herodotus, on the foothills of Pieria, the ancient “Macedonian mount”, lays Aigai, the first city of Macedon, the land with many goats (“Aigai” in ancient Greek means “goats”).

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Augustine berkata, selera Iman juga berbeza setiap hari tetapi kelihatan meningkat secara perlahan-lahan."Jumlah makanan yang disediakan dikekalkan dalam 15 kilogram setiap hari dengan buah-buahan berjumlah empat hingga lima kilogram."Iman suka mangga liar atau pauh dari Hutan Simpan Hidupan Liar Tabin.This multiplicity explains the plural suffix of its name (the diphthong “ai”), like in the names of other ancient cities, e.g.“Athinai”, “Thibai” or “Ferai”, and reflects the ancient model of a society founded on the aristocratic structure of clans having as its point of reference and cohesion pole, the royal authority.Alexander will bequeath to the Hellenistic world the new trends and currents that arose in the environment of Philip II and will set the foundations of a new world.The history of the world was changed, but the old seat of royalty was left to the margin.

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