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All content on this site is original and owned by Adver Site Web Holdings, Inc. No part of it may be reproduced without EXPLICIT consent from the owner of the content.Anuj Varma – who has written 654 posts on Anuj Varma, Technology Architect.NET ) application, chances are you are using automatic binding (mode (both with identical 10000 rows of customer data).Even with this simple sample of a few 100 KBs of data, a noticeable difference can be seen (by visual inspection) when one tries to scroll down the grid to view more rows. NET revamp of as well as a Win Forms app used to map Ocean floors (Petrel).If the performance of virtual mode is still sluggish for your data (if you have several thousands of rows of data), chances are you need to look elsewhere.There are several 3rd party grid controls on the market – including Infragistics, Syncfusion and Telerik.In addition to the speed, you also get a host of features that I like to call (which make it possible to efficiently display hierarchical data), multiple column sorts (which isn’t available out of the box in Windows Data Grid View – but can be custom built), pivot tables and more.

This offers a degree of convenience that is appealing, at least for small volumes of data.The Data Grid View is used everywhere – both in apps as well as Win Forms apps.A quick google search will reveal the scale of users affected by the slow refresh rate on the Data Grid View control.However, even with this approach, at some point, you may need to add/delete items from the source list – causing unnecessary refreshes.More serious problems with the Data Grid View start manifesting themselves as the size of the bound collection grows.

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