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Strangely, there were no signs of a struggle, although there were tear marks on Elisabeth's cheek.

Panties placed under the rope tied around her neck were there to presumably prevent rope-burn ("What's a little rope burn if you're going to kill somebody? Either more than one person was the killer/rapist, or she had been compiant with her killer(s)/rapist(s).

She called it "psychological warfare, and that the enemy was daddy." Elisabeth was dating the Chief of Police's deputy son Wes Yardley (Chris Snyder), but only for outward show.

Seven years earlier, she had been gang-raped by six men as a West Point cadet (in her sophomore year) during a nighttime training exercise when she became separated from her group. That you knew she was out there, that you went out and talked to her and left her there to die....

Elisabeth's mentor and commanding officer Colonel Robert Moore (James Woods) was arrested on suspicion of murder (or accessory to murder) - with his fingerprints found on Elisabeth's dog-tag.

Shortly later after being released under house arrest, he was found dead in his home - with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

Director Simon West's often-offensive, misogynistic psychological military thriller was based on the 1992 novel by Nelson De Mille.

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At the Army base outside Savannah, Georgia, Elisabeth was soon found murdered.Brenner presented him with the list of 6 names - the men in Captain Bransford's squad, who had been arrested and faced 20 years in prison. The only mind Elisabeth wanted to f--k with was yours. You killed her...7 years ago in that hospital room when you told her to just forget about it, you killed her.... Confining her and making her captive for the treatment, he first attempted to gain her respect, then strip her of her sari ("remove her props, upset her and provoke her"), but succumbed to her sexual advances.Then Brenner described that sexually-traumatized Elisabeth had deliberately re-enacted or recreated the original rape incident from seven years earlier, just before her murder, to show her father first-hand what had been covered up:"I think the whole recreation of the rape was Elisabeth's idea. Perhaps because you were going into politics, she thought this was her last chance. Its most notorious scene was the one of full-bodied Ruth - after her sari had been burned - vulnerably standing in the outback, stripped nude and urinating while walking toward him, and then a scene of Waters overpowered by her seductive, vengeful, manipulative sexuality - as he had sex with her.Brenner curtly summarized the motives for murder to Sunhill: The CID officers had 36 hours to investigate before the FBI entered the case with a task force, when the media would make the death "a goddamn circus." Brenner was cautioned by Fowler to do things "the Army way" - not "the right way or the wrong way." Soon, secrets about the daughter's dark sexual past were revealed.A hidden room behind a false wall with a sliding door in her basement was found complete with a bed, condoms on a table, bondage paraphernalia (handcuffs, harnesses, a belt with a dildo on it, etc...) as well as a camera and videotapes.

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