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I'm betting that if you didn't connect the dots the moment you saw the word Milos, you're still trying to figure out where you've heard this word before now. Yep, Milos is the island where this beautiful sculpture was found.

The fist is the Church of Panagia Schiniotissa (Our Lady of the Bushes). Then when it was bombed during World War II and rebuilt, it was renamed after an icon of the Virgin Mary appeared in a bush where the church used to stand.As for monasteries, I'm going to suggest the famous Monastery of Agios Ioannis Theologos Siderianos that holds a beautiful legend/story.Once during the Saint's festival, the revelers were attacked by pirates and took refuge in the church.The museum includes remarkable pieces dating from the Neolithic and Mycenaean periods.The Mining Museum in Adamas, on the other hand, is an inspired display of all the minerals, rocks, ores and other materials that were concealed in the Volcanic interior of Milos.

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